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Olorunfemi Babatunde

Business Developer, Copy Writer, Digital Marketer & ICT Consultant
BabT is a critical thinker, Business Analyst with terrific passion for innovation and ICT driven solutions. He has years of experience in Business development, Website Designing, Digital Marketing and Copy Writing.

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Digital Marketing
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Social Media Marketing training

Social Media Marketing Training and 30 Days Sales Challenge

Application Wheel Koncepts is organizing a Social Media Marketing training and 30 days Sales Challenge. The 3 days training will focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads. This training is for individuals who market a Unique and in demand product/service and others who want to build a Career in Digital/Social Media Marketing.   You will learn […]

Kwese Tv subscription payment

Make Kwese TV Subscription Payment at these Nigerian Banks

Kwese TV subscription payment just got easier! In addition to online payment platforms and and accredited dealer offices, Kwese TV subscription payment can be made at the under listed banks. Efforts are in place to enlist more banks. The Kwese Nigerian team is working hard to ensure that Kwese TV subscription payment is […]

valentine message

Valentine Message: Be Perfect as your heavenly Father is Perfect

Have you heard anyone say, “I am not God; I cannot be perfect, only God is perfect?” Each time I hear it from a friend, I remind them of Jesus teaching in Matthew 5: 48 “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” By calling us to perfection, Christ calls […]

editorial of Nigeria

Nigeria: A Nation Without Conscience?

“Make straight the way of the Lord” cried John the Baptist, forerunner of Jesus Christ. His earthly assignment was to call the people of Israel to repentance and prepare them for the coming of the Messiah. The bible records John as a righteous and fearless man. These rare attributes eventually saw him beheaded – He […]

Kwese Inc

Grow your Business Watching Kwesé TV Exclusive Channel 405

Kwesé exclusive Channel 405 (Kwesé Inc) is one reason for any growth minded entrepreneur/ business executive to purchase a Kwesé decoder. Kwesé Inc is an exclusive channel of Kwesé TV, designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It features premium content that entertains, educate and inspire entrepreneurs. Kwesé Inc can be likened to some aspects of a […]

Kwese TV dealer in Lagos

The Chronicles and Adventure of a Kwesé TV Dealer

The Chronicle and Adventure of a Kwesé TV Dealer is a compendium of my journey as a Kwesé TV dealer in Lagos Nigeria. I choose to write about it because of the inherent lessons it may hold for the intending entrepreneur and to educate Kwesé TV subscribers about Kwesé TV decoder and services. This compendium […]

kwese tv Customer care

How to Contact Kwesé TV Customer Care in Nigeria

The Kwesé TV Customer Care Staff delights their customers with unbeatable and timely customer care experience by resolving customer complaints in record time. Should you have any challenge with your Kwesé TV decoder or have any enquires about Kwesé TV services, do one of the following: 1. Visit www.Kwesé.com and chat a Customer Care representative. […]

Kwese TV Channel list

Kwese TV decoder as a valuable Present and Christmas Gift

As you draw up  the list of items that will make up your Christmas hamper, consider Kwese TV deocder as a valuable Present/Christmas gift. Gifts come in different colours, sizes, shapes and forms. For some individuals, the value attached to a gift is the relationship shared with the giver, for others, it’s the monetary, perceived […]

chinua achebe

My Grouse with the Fathers and Charge to the Sons

Whispers of “America, Gods own country….” shifted my focus to the average height chocolate skinned teenager soliloquizing in the bus. She continued “I will get the American Visa one day, my application may have been turned down, I will try again!” she ended her reflection with, “America, Gods own country”. I have witnessed the young […]

Kwese TV frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Kwesé TV

Dear Kwese TV prospective customer, we hope you’d find the frequently asked questions and answer provided here useful. If your question is not included in the questions treated below. Do not hesitate to contact us on 07052193183. Since the launch of Kwesé TV in Nigeria on Friday, October 20, 2017 the product acceptance rate amongst […]

how to watch Kwese TV on mobile

How to Watch Kwese TV channels on Mobile

You are here because you want to Watch Kwese TV on mobile? One of the high points of Kwese TV is that her subscribers with active subscription on their decoders can watch Kwese TV channels on Mobile, not just on one device but five devices – nothing beats that! Please note that this is only […]

Renew subscription for Kwese TV

How to Renew Kwese TV Subscription on Quickteller

Dear Kwese TV subscriber, I am happy to inform you that you can renew Kwese TV subscription on Quickteller platform. Upon commencement of operations in Nigeria in June 2017, Kwese TV payment renewal was only available on The Kwese TV management has kept their promise of enabling subscription on multiple platforms. Follow the steps […]

Buy Kwese Tv in Nigeria

One Reason Every Nigerian Should Watch KWESÉ TV

When Kwesé TV became operational in Nigeria, the question many Nigerians asked was, “Why should I watch Kwesé TV?” As an intending Dealer at the time, I bought a decoder and had it installed at my office. Since then, I have been preaching the Goodnews that Kwesé TV represents and the Goodnews is spreading like […]

Editorial, a legacy of Mass Graves


Can someone tell me “MASS GRAVE” is a movie and not reality? These scenes are well cut for a horror bestseller. A city turned into mass graves with millions of inhabitants buried alive. Some buried up to the knee, waist while others buried to their neck. I look on helplessly, unsure of what to do. […]

memoir of job seeker


Sitting before the interview panel, Tobi glanced at the faces behind the oval conference table. He counted 7 faces. While trying to recall all the interview rules he practiced the night before, he wondered why seven people had to interview him for a graduate trainee position. More so, he was an undergraduate in his final year. […]



I have seen it all, what exactly is one living for? If not for my children…, once they grow up to fend for themselves, I’ll consider my assignment on earth done. I would have completed my course and be in good stead to bid the world farewell. The mindset expressed above, is typical of the […]

olorunfemi article on nigerian socio economic history


Nigeria has witnessed several political midwifing and reactions. The most recent being the reaction that produced Muhammadu Buhari as President.  The reaction was in stages, the first phase was between political parties, Alliance for Democracy (AD) and Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) which produced All Progressive Congress (APC). The reaction that produced APC was exothermic […]

how to renew kwese subscription with paga


Dear Kwese Subscriber, kindly follow the steps below to renew your Kwese TV Subscription. The information available at the time of publishing this post confirms that efforts are underway to make alternative subscription renewal methods available. Visit Select “Kwesetv” Under Pay bill or Merchant dropdown box and click “Go” Provide your Ref/Account No, the no starts […]

how to write a business profile

The Elements of a Business Profile

Recently, I have been contacted by friends to outline the information required for preparing a business profile. For the benefits of young entrepreneurs and to contribute to the information available on the subject, I have decided to share my knowledge on Business Profile preparation in a simple and non-academic style.  Please note that the information […]

short story the Mystical Stone


“Mum, I will not believe your story until I take possession of the Ohunde…” said Segun. I knew at this point that it will take a lot of conviction to discourage Segun from visiting his ancestral home. I pleaded with him, “Segun, please listen to me, I am your Mother and care about your safety”.  […]