I have seen it all, what exactly is one living for? If not for my children…, once they grow up to fend for themselves, I’ll consider my assignment on earth done. I would have completed my course and be in good stead to bid the world farewell.

The mindset expressed above, is typical of the average Nigerian. To think that child tending is the primary reason for one’s existence is limiting. Parents are exceptionally proud whenever their children come top in class, there is nothing bad about this, but what if we help all children come top in their areas of strength, interest and aspiration? Beyond caring for your children, how about the other children? What if we shift focus from “Me, Myself, Mine & I” to “Us, Nigeria, We, fellow Humans”.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commits to combating poverty and malaria in Africa, the founders are not of Africa descent. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, recently revealed plans and commitments of Chan Zuckerberg initiative towards curing “all diseases in our children’s lifetime”. I agree that it is an ambitious plan but should humanity strive for less? Mark has also voted a sizable percentage of his wealth towards making the world a better place.

Beyond colonialist maneuvering and manipulations, our mindset as Nigerians has played a big role in dwarfing our potentials. Our frontline position in the comity of consuming nations and a choice dumping ground for all manner of inferior products is a testament to our limiting mindset. Over five decades, stable electricity has remained elusive to a nation who prides of intellectual giants in every field of human endeavor. I am not in doubt that we have the human and natural resources to surmount our many problems. What I find deficient is the will power.

To birth the Nigeria of our dreams, we must flee self-centered and selfish endeavours for daring goals that will leave our society better than we met it. We need to dream big as a nation and as individuals. Let’s begin to task our minds on how to solve our collective problems, including those of neighbouring African countries. It is not impossible for Nigeria to be the food basket of Africa. It is in reaching for the skies that we find our greatest strength and reach our full potentials.

What can your contribute to a better world, a better Nigeria? I suggest you start by patronizing made in Nigerian products. Also look inwards to question the motive behind the things you do. Is it all about you, your children and family?

Some of the Beneficiaries of my computer training – Ijaloke Grammar School Emure Ekiti (NYSC 2010)

As for me, Olorunfemi Babatunde, I have a 10 years goal, to train at least One Million Nigerians in basic computing for free or at subsidized rate. The targeted beneficiaries are public school students. I trained 30 students in computing fundamentals for free during my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) days at Ijaloke Grammar School, Emure, Emure-Ekiti, this was made possible by the support received from the Towns elite club, Ayodele Cephas, a computer training center owner who allowed me to use his facilities to train the students and the Principal of Ijaloke Grammar School whose support enabled me revive and re-equip the schools abandoned computer room.

In the near future, I will be reaching out to individuals and organisations to support “Project One Million” – computer training initiative targeted at One Million Nigerians who cannot afford computer education. You may consider sponsoring your relatives, church members, neighbours to be beneficiaries. Individuals and organisations willing to support this initiative can reach me on 08120252692 or via for further information.

Through my start up, Appswheel Wheel Koncepts (Appswheel), I am committed to supporting young Nigerians, Africans with their ICT needs – web designing, copy writing, digital marketing, ICT consulting– all at minimal fee (targeted beneficiaries are Youth Corps members and aspiring entrepreneurs). Individuals in this category should contact me on 08120252692, send an email to or meet me on Fridays, at an location in Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos. Please endeavor to schedule a meeting before visiting.

By reading this piece to this point, I am convinced that you can make a positive difference in our world. When our time is up, may it be said that we ran a generous race. Let’s connect @, provide your email address in the subscription box to get future stories in your mailbox.


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