There seem to be no sign of redemption in sight, yet I refuse to give up on the land of my birth. We would get it right someday. When will this happen? In my generation? 900 years’ time like one of my geologist acquaintance suggested?

After reading Chinua Achebe’s, “There was a country” and drawing from my interactions with many Nigerians, it’s evident we make light our strength, we abuse our strength to stagnate growth.

The idea that Nigeria is a contraption, handiwork of British colonialist and therefore a forced marriage of irreconcilable elements must be rethought and “re-engineered” for Nation building . The commercially viable mineral deposits underneath our soil are not in conflict. If “unselfishly” mined, processed and managed, they guarantee wealth for every Nigerian. Why then are we in conflict?

Researches are ongoing in many parts of the world, technologies are being developed to connect the globe – Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is a dominant example. I am at a lost why some Nigerians in this age and time are wearing themselves out to pull the nation apart. Particularly, the segment of Biafra advocates who are calling for WAR. I recommend such individuals to get a copy of Chinua Achebes, “There was a country”.

If Nigeria must work, her constituents must see her as a whole and tackle her development from a holistic viewpoint. NO TRIBE SHOULD SEE ITSELF AS SUPERIOR TO THE OTHERS. Such mindset at best keep us close to the Stone Age – we have been here for too long.

The concept of quota system, federal character is not out of place in its entirety as long as there is a plan to replace it (quota system) with meritocracy in the long term. This is achievable by investing in education; bringing all the regions at par educationally. How long will this take? 50 years? 100 years? A journey of a thousand miles is said to begin with a step, just as tiny drops of water make an ocean. When shall we make the necessary investment that will lift us from our self-inflicted problems?

Nigeria will be the giant it should be when we all begin to play our part in nation building. This will only happen when we discover that our diversity is strength. When we bury mindsets that position our tribe as superior over another. We must unite against visionless and thieving politicians, leaders who exploit religion and ethnicity to enslave us in our own land.

One reason to still have hope in Nigeria is that there are a few good men and women, and the belief that Evil never triumph over Good.

Nigeria the land of my birth;
I pray for peace upon thee
May your seeds unite
May they not greed, grind to a halt
May they love wisdom and apply it
May justice, peace and progress find rich soil to bloom
May generations unborn be proud to bear your name

Nigerians Unite!