Hi Mark, I hope you find your eyes on this letter. I felt so sad that I was not opportune to meet you during your Nigeria visit. I read it on your timeline that you were in Nigeria and wondered why and how I did not get wind of your visit. I had always wanted to meet you, my heart soured to know that my first chance to meet you had slipped. I searched the web to confirm if there was any prior mention of your visit, the only notice of your visit was on a Nigerian tech info website. I discovered that some entrepreneurs had been pre-registered to meet you.

I joined Facebook in 2008 and have since become an addict. I must say that Facebook has been a blessing to the world and has helped connect family and friends. Beyond connecting family and friends, I was attracted to Facebooks business empowerment offerings, I soon became a Facebook entrepreneur, helping small business owners advertise their products using Facebook sponsored ads. I have recently applied to become an Express Wifi retailer in Nigeria.

Facebook Advertising
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I studied the Facebook help resources to master campaign best practices and ads optimization techniques. External resources obtained on and were helpful. Over the years, I have kept pace with Facebook offerings, products and tools, they include, Business Manager, Live rail, Atlas, Power Editor, Workplace, Free Basics, Instagram ads, Express Wifi, blueprint Certification resources amongst others. I also follow the activities of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative with keen interest and thrilled by your commitment to creating a better world through your interest in education and health related concerns. The most recent is the audacious effort to cure “all diseases in our children’s lifetime”.

Given the foregoing, I have every reason to be in love with Facebook. The realization that the passion and energy behind Facebook is not driven by monetary gains but a resolve to meeting humanity most basic needs and advancing human interaction and relationship across borders warm my heart. Your efforts at beaming the internet to all the people of the world is phenomenal. I am particularly thrilled by the investment and technology that Facebook represents.

As a Facebook entrepreneur, I provide support to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria. I urgently need to get this message to you, “many Nigerian small and medium scale business owners can no longer afford to promote their products and services via Facebook ads”. This is largely because Facebook does not receive Naira payments. The Dollar-Naira conversion rate continues to widen, more so, Facebook charges Nigerian advertisers at parallel market rate.

Mark, kindly allow Nigerians make ad payments in their local currency – the Naira. By allowing Naira payments, you will be supporting and saving my business and those of several others from collapse. It will also lead to the revival of businesses that have already collapsed due to inability to market their products and services.

Nigeria is currently battling economic recession, millions of jobs are being lost on daily basis. Entrepreneurship and self-employment is no longer considered an option in this part of the world; it is the only viable choice left to millions of unemployed youths. Accessibility to Facebook ads will go a long way in creating jobs and keeping the Nigerian entrepreneur afloat.

Mark, I sincerely hope you read this letter and look forward to getting a positive feedback from you and your team. My warm regards to the Facebook team, Priscilla, Max and Beast.

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