how to renew kwese subscription with paga

Dear Kwese Subscriber, kindly follow the steps below to renew your Kwese TV Subscription. The information available at the time of publishing this post confirms that efforts are underway to make alternative subscription renewal methods available.

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Kwesetv” Under Pay bill or Merchant dropdown box and click “Go”
  3. Provide your Ref/Account No, the no starts with “234”. Also provide other requested details and click on continue button.
  4. Provide the amount you are paying, choose payment option and make payment.

After payment, you will be redirected to and get a notice if the transaction was successful or not (If you used a card payment option via Interswitch payment gateway).

As a reminder, Kwesé Subscription rate is

  • NGN 6275 for one Month Subscription
  • NGN 1850 for 7 days subscription
  • NGN 990 for 3 days subscription

I hope you find this information useful. Contact us for your Kwese Dish and Decoder, we are on No 58, Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos. Contact: 07052193183

The Procedures in Pictures:

  1. After visiting – Choose Kwesetv from paybill or merchant
    how to renew kwese tv subsciption

2. Provide required details and continue to payment
how to renew kwese subscription with paga
3. Provide amount, choose payment method and make payment
how to renew kwese subscription
Note that you will be required to pay an additional fee of NGN 100 for paga services when using Card option. In the case of unsuccessfully transaction and your bank account debited, send a mail to paga reps and Kwesé – ensure to copy your RSM.

Also note that your MasterCard needs to be registered for Interswitch Safetoken Service before you can use it for payment via Interswitch payment gateway – that is if you have not been using it for payments via Interswitch platforms. Here is how


Go to your nearest bank branch and request for your card to be enrolled for the Safetoken


  • Go to the nearest ATM, and insert your ATM card
  • Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
  • Select your bank account type eg Savings or Current
  • Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
  • Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
  • Enter ‘322222”as the Payment Code
  • Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’

You will get a display“Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1

DO NOT edit the amount to be paid

Click on “Pay amount due”

You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful

*Note that a surcharge of N100 may be applicable to a successful registration.



Once you are able to complete the registration either at the bank branch or at an ATM, you will be able to receive One Time Passwords (OTPs) to complete online payments.

Please note that you may need to request for your card to be activated for online payments by your bank before you are able to complete online payments successfully.




    1. Thank you for your enquiry. If you maintain the same plan, the decoder can come up automatically. If you changed plans, you will need to contact a Kwese Customer care agent via the chat feature on their website or by sending a mail to The sure way to have your decoder subscription automatically renewed is to pay for renewal before the current plan expires (that is, pay for the existing plan) otherwise, you’d need to contact a Customer Care rep. They are quick in resolving customer concerns.

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