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Dear Kwese Subscriber, kindly follow the steps below to renew your Kwese TV Subscription. The information available at the time of publishing this post confirms that efforts are underway to make alternative subscription renewal methods available.

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Kwesetv” Under Pay bill or Merchant dropdown box and click “Go”
  3. Provide your Ref/Account No, the no starts with “234”. Also provide other requested details and click on continue button.
  4. Provide the amount you are paying, choose payment option and make payment.

After payment, you will be redirected to and get a notice if the transaction was successful or not (If you used a card payment option via Interswitch payment gateway).

As a reminder, Kwesé Subscription rate is

  • NGN 6275 for one Month Subscription
  • NGN 1850 for 7 days subscription
  • NGN 990 for 3 days subscription

I hope you find this information useful. Contact us for your Kwese Dish and Decoder, we are on No 58, Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos. Contact: 07052193183

The Procedures in Pictures:

  1. After visiting – Choose Kwesetv from paybill or merchant
    how to renew kwese tv subsciption

2. Provide required details and continue to payment
how to renew kwese subscription with paga
3. Provide amount, choose payment method and make payment
how to renew kwese subscription
Note that you will be required to pay an additional fee of NGN 100 for paga services when using Card option. In the case of unsuccessfully transaction and your bank account debited, send a mail to paga reps and Kwesé – ensure to copy your RSM.

Also note that your MasterCard needs to be registered for Interswitch Safetoken Service before you can use it for payment via Interswitch payment gateway – that is if you have not been using it for payments via Interswitch platforms. Here is how


Go to your nearest bank branch and request for your card to be enrolled for the Safetoken


  • Go to the nearest ATM, and insert your ATM card
  • Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter
  • Select your bank account type eg Savings or Current
  • Select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the ATM menu screen
  • Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen
  • Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
  • Enter ‘322222”as the Payment Code
  • Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and select ‘Proceed’

You will get a display“Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due:N1

DO NOT edit the amount to be paid

Click on “Pay amount due”

You will then get a confirmation page indicating the registration was successful

*Note that a surcharge of N100 may be applicable to a successful registration.



Once you are able to complete the registration either at the bank branch or at an ATM, you will be able to receive One Time Passwords (OTPs) to complete online payments.

Please note that you may need to request for your card to be activated for online payments by your bank before you are able to complete online payments successfully.


The Elements of a Business Profile

Recently, I have been contacted by friends to outline the information required for preparing a business profile. For the benefits of young entrepreneurs and to contribute to the information available on the subject, I have decided to share my knowledge on Business Profile preparation in a simple and non-academic style.  Please note that the information provided is a guide and not a one size fit all template. The content and structure of a business profile depends on an organizations industry.

A Business Profile can simply be defined as an organisations “Curriculum Vitae”. It serves one/all of the following purpose;

  1. Requirement for a Tender Submission
  2. Tool for Business Development efforts
  3. Record for keeping track of organisations history/activities.

It answers the questions prospective clients needs to know about your business. Questions like, what you do? How competent your company is? Why they should patronize your services?

A typical Business Profile includes the following:

  • Title Page
  • Content Page/Table of Content
  • Who We Are (Company History/Introduction)
  • Mission/Vision/Core Values
  • Chairmans Address
  • Meet our people (Key Company Personnel)
  • What we do (Services)
  • What we have done (Executed Projects)
  • Owned Equipment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Meet our Clients
  • Contact us
  • Appendix/Attachments


Title pages typically display the companys Name and Logo; and sometimes include the contact details – Company office address, website, email and contact Number(s).


A brief history of the organization, it answers the questions when, how and why the organization was founded. Some organizations provide the information in an outlined/timeline format as described below:

1900 – Incorporated as a Limited liability company

1902 – The companys first Branch became operational

1903 – The company expanded her portfolio from selling women clothing to

manufacturing and distributing men wears.

The essay format is common to many organisations.

Company XYZ was founded in 1900 and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The company’s main service was manufacturing and distribution of women wears. In 1903, the company expanded her portfolio to include making and distributing men’s wear……

Whichever style you choose, ensure to highlight the company’s formation process and the needs it was created to meet. Also emphasize how the company is meeting her founding objectives.


State the companys Mission/Vision/Core Values

See example below – For Real Habitats Ltd, a leading serviced apartment provider in Lagos, Nigeria.


To be the choice serviced apartment provider in Africa.


Providing personalized accommodation experience that guarantees comfort, security, ambience and give the best value for money.


Integrity – We keep and deliver on our promise

Customer Focus – We listen to our clients and deliver a personalized accommodation experience – the home away from home treat.

Creativity – We draw on our creativity to ensure our clients get the best value for their money.

Excellence – We conduct our business with a touch of professionalism.


The CEO’s address is a medium for the organizations Chief Executive Officer to reinstate the companys commitment to providing valuable services and present the company as product and customer focused; a way to gain stakeholders and prospective clients trust.


This section is used to highlight the experience of the company’s top management members and key personnel. The greatest resources of any organization are their people. Therefore, use this section to indicate the educational qualifications, certifications, professional memberships and experience of the key company personnel. Their profiles should demonstrate why they are a great asset to the company and your prospective clients. Top management staff includes, The Chairman, Chief Executive Director and other executive directors, Human Resource Manager, Head of Operations, Head of Business Development, Head of Finance among others.


Highlight company products and services. You should develop the copy with your potential clients in mind. Demonstrate how your services are ideal for them and that you have the solutions that best meet their needs. Your description should communicate your companys strength, value and promise.


This often depends on a companys size and industry. Big corporations are expected to contribute positively to the growth and development of their host community. CSR promotes a brand and presents her as socially responsible. An example is the yearly Cowbellpedia Mathematics competition sponsored by Cowbell Nigeria. I have a lot of respect for the company.


This is mostly reported in tabular format, includes a description of work done, project timeline, Client, Project duration and Amount (Amount not always necessary, except when instructed to include it).

S/N Project Description Project Duration Client Client Representative
  Dredging of Channel 6 Months XYZ Mr ABC,  0805236XXXX


Use this section to demonstrate capacity by providing images and list of equipment owned by the company. This information is often presented in tabular format.

S/N Name of Equipment Year Purchased Model No Manufacturer


This includes companys office and email address, website and mobile contact nos.


Some company profiles include the following attachments – Copies of Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, Valid Tax Clearance Certificate and Awards.


Business profiles have evolved from been a dull A4 sized document to colorful and appealing document. This is made possible by the creativity of graphic artistes and business development personnel, who include images, choose font types and color carefully to show the company brand colors.

Every organization looking to be competitive, work with government agencies and reputable organisations need to have a company profile. It should also be noted that company profiles require regular updates – either yearly or quarterly. Before preparing your company profile, consider studying the business profiles of your competitors and leading organizations’ in your industry.

Follow the guide above to create a Business Profile for your company. I hope you find this information timely and useful.  I look forward to reading your comments and inputs.

Finally, my organization, Application Wheel Koncepts has a tradition and commitment to helping businesses grow through provision of Business development and ICT (Website Designing, Digital Marketing and Copy Writing) services. We are available to create a business profile for your company at moderate and affordable rates.

Contact Appswheel: No 58, Bode Thomas Street Surulere

Mobile No: 07052193183

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“Mum, I will not believe your story until I take possession of the Ohunde…” said Segun. I knew at this point that it will take a lot of conviction to discourage Segun from visiting his ancestral home. I pleaded with him, “Segun, please listen to me, I am your Mother and care about your safety”.  I continued “Your paternal grandfather had such great powers (pointing at his photograph on the wall) he was feared and respected by his townsmen for his mystical powers – the ‘Ohunde’.  With the Ohunde, your grandfather had the powers to disappear and reappear in whatever part of the world he desired”. The ohunde is described to be an oval shaped black shiny stone possessed by the highest traditional title holder in Iffe, your father’s village. Since the death of your grandfather, no one has been crowned to take his place, it is believed that the ohunde is locked up in his room.

Rising from the sofa and pacing the sitting room, Seguns face was filled with disgust and disbelief, “Mum, not in the 21st Century, I refuse to be fooled”. He turned off the TV and said to me, “I will not believe your story until I take possession of the Ohunde, I will be traveling to Iffe next week”. His reaction was typical of his father, I voiced my thoughts, “you are as strong willed as your father, it led to his untimely death”.

Throughout my marriage to my late husband, I had only visited Iffe once to visit his extended family. He had lost his parents when we met and got married. All I knew about them were his accounts.

Exactly one week after our discussion, Segun set out to the village in company of Femi. Iffe is about 1000km from Lagos. Femi grew up in Iffe before seeking education and greener pastures in Lagos. He spoke the Iffe dialect fluently. He had collaborated my story to Segun and warned him against the adventure; emphasizing that the Ohunde story though sounded like a myth has been passed from one generation to the other as fact.

No sooner than they made entry into Iffe, they could tell it was a closely knitted community. With the help of some villagers and Femi who could speak the local dialect Segun located his grandfather’s hut. Knowing the history of the house, the villagers did not come near the building, they pointed at it from a distance.

“A certain ritual is to be performed before removing the ohunde”, my warning played back in his head one more time (As revealed by Femi). Drawing on his karate skills, Segun broke his grandfather’s door with a single blow. Looking on from the rusty window, Femi warned, “be careful, say a word of prayer and be at alert”.  Following the lead of his searchlight, Segun ransacked the house for over an hour without a trace of the Ohunde. Hunger and Fatigue had set in. Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, Segun was at the verge of giving up his mission but decided to make one final attempt.

“I have found it!” he screamed, a certain strangeness fell over him, his heart beat was audible now. To douse the growing tension, he affirmed, “I am made of steel and cannot retreat now, never!” Pulling himself together, he reached for the shiny calabash located under the wooden bed, removed the lid, then stretched his hands gently to hold the ohunde.

“Segun, Segun where are you…” rubbing his palms over his face, Femi wished it was a dream. Segun was nowhere to be found. The Chief Priest was returning from the Kings Palace when he heard a large thud in the shrine. He smelt the air and sensed that an abomination had been committed. He ran into his hut, picked up some trinkets and began to make incantations.

I was deeply troubled by an incident that happened on the eve of Seguns trip. I was in the sitting room when I heard a crashing sound in Seguns room. I was scared to death but somehow summoned the courage to go to his room. I fainted at the sight of a human figure lying on his bed, a replica of his grandfather, it disappeared within a flash. I silently prayed for Segun’s safety and kept awake all night.

Femi in a confused state dashed to the Obas palace to narrate the event. The King was angered, and baffled how an incident like that could happen under his watch. An abomination had been committed and the land defiled. Something urgent had to be done to appease the gods otherwise untold horror will befall the people of Iffe. He summoned a short meeting amongst his Chiefs and soon sent for the Chief Priest.

Segun laid helplessly on the shrine altar, the Chief Priest continued with his incantations, he stretched out his hands and mystically received a bowl containing some liquids. Using bird feathers, he sprinkled the substance on Segun body, afterwards, he disappeared. He had been sacrificed to the gods.

“Joshua, promise me you will not be like your Father”.  Joshua, my grandson had insisted in knowing the circumstances that led to his father’s death. He nods his head, saying tearfully, “I will always listen to you Grandma”. Whoever said I will lose my husband and only child at mid age will have passed for a prophet of doom. As the years pass by, I find strength in God and Joshua.

Purchase and Installation Cost for Kwesé Dish and Decoder

The Purchase and Installation cost for Kwesé TV is provided below. The good news that Kwesé TV represents has continued to spread and excite many Nigerians. Beyond the premium content provided by the product, our first set of clients at Application Wheel Koncepts have one of these attributes in common:

  • They are passionate followers of Dr. Strive Masiyiwa, founder of Econet Wireless.
  • They are lovers of Sport and consume sporting content from ESPN
  • They are big fan of basketball
  • Overall, they love great content.

See list of Kwesé TV Channels by Category.

Kwesé TV Decoder & Dish with Installation costs NGN 10,960

This offer includes:

  • Kwesé TV Decoder with remote
  • RCA Cables
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Supply Unit
  • 90cm Satellite Dish with LNB
  • Installation: TV Decoder and Satellite Dish
  • 20m Cabling
  • Activation of services
  • One month FREE Kwesé bouquet

The Kwesé TV Decoder is a Dolby Digital compatible, high definition (HD) viewing decoder with remote.

The user interface is easy to use and makes it very simple for you to navigate through our bouquet of channels.

You can set reminders for your favourite shows and monitor what your kids watch with our parental control feature.

The Kwesé TV Decoder comes with a USB port which allows you to plug in an external hard drive to gain access to the PVR functionality, with this feature you can set recordings and receive hours of Catch Up content.

The Kwesé Decoder costs NGN 5740

Note that the Kwesé decoder can work with existing dish but will require realignment to the Kwesé satellite by a Kwesé certified installer.

The Kwese Decoder features include:

  • Dimensions: 155mm(W) x 110mm(D) x 38.5mm(H)
  • Mains Voltage: Standard Input Voltage : 100Vac ~ 240Vac Input Voltage Range : 90Vac ~ 270Vac.
  • Watt: 6W stand alone, 11w max with HDD
  • HD capable
  • Dolby Digital compatible
  • PVR capable (own hard drive required)
  • Parental control
  • TV Guide
  • Remote control included

For enquiry and to order your Kwesé dish and decoder contact Application Wheel Koncepts: 07052193183

List of Kwesé TV live channels by Category

Find a list of Kwesé TV live Channels under the following headings: National Broadcaster, Free to Air, Series & Movies, Sport, Factual and Lifestyle, Kids, Music, News & Business and Faith


Channel name Channel number
Kwesé Info 90
FTA – National broadcaster
NTA International
Kwesé Free Sport 285
Kwesé Free Sport Nigeria Coming soon
Series & movies
Kwesé Prime 100
Kwesé Stories 105
Kwesé Movies 1 115
Kwesé Movies 2 120
Kwesé Movies 3 125
AMC 130
Viceland 135
Passion 140
Fox Africa 141
Fox Life Africa 142
African Movie Channel Series 145
Zee BollyNova 150
Zee Bollymovies 155
African Movie Channel 160
True Series & Movies 165
CBS Reality 170
E! Entertainment Coming soon
Kwese Family
Kwesé Sport1 300
Kwesé Sport2 305
ESPN 310
NBA TV 315
Liverpool TV 330
E Sport TV 350
Factual & Lifestyle
Kwesé Know 400
Kwesé Inc. 405
Odisseia 410
DTX 415
Animal Planet 420
Discovery Science 425
iDX 430
Natl Geographic Africa 435
Natl Geographic Wild Africa 436
Travel Channel 440
FLN 445
Fashion One 450
Kwese Kids 500
Dreamworks 505
Toonami 510
Cartoon Network 511
Boomerang 512
POP 515
JimJam 525
Revolt 605
Trace Africa 615
Trace Mziki 620
Trace Gospel 625
Box Africa 630
News & Business
CNN 705
BBC World News 710
Sky News 715
TVC News 720
AfricaNews 725
Al Jazeera 730
Bloomberg 735
CNBC 736
France 24 740
DW 745
Channels TV
Dove TV 805
Hillsong 815
EWTN 820
ITV 830
God TV
Ezekiel TV
DayStar TV
Inspire TV

For enquiry and to order your Kwesé dish and decoder contact Application Wheel Koncepts: 07052193183

Proposal for Instituting Effective Computer Education in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools


During my time as Uredo House Junior Captain in Federal Government College, Ugwolawo, Kogi State (Year 2003/2004), a handful of my juniors were Computer literate. Whenever these computer literate students disagreed on the procedure for getting a task done on a computer they turned to me, their House Captain for clarity and final say. Each time this happened, I pacified them not to argue – I had not held a mouse at the time. Shortly after graduating from Secondary school, I enrolled for Computer training.

Years later, I undertook my one year National Youth Service at Ijaloke Grammar School, in Emure-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Upon resumption at Ijaloke, I was taken aback by the Vice principal confirmation that the school lived in the typewriters age. At this revelation, I requested her to reject my posting with the intent of seeking for a Place of Primary Assignment at the State Capital – Ado Ekiti. The Vice principal convinced me to stay back to create the change I wanted to see. I accepted the challenge.


NYSC Official commissioning Compuer room at Ijaloke Grammar School

NYSC Official commissioning the Computer room at Ijaloke Grammar School

I lead the effort that got the Schools administrative block reconnected to PHCN, set up a computer room and became the pioneer computer room teacher. Before then, I had adopted a Computer training center within the community where I introduced selected students to basic Computer application. The arrangement was possible with the support from the Center owner, Ayodele Cephas and an elite group within the community that donated NGN 20,000 for fueling the generator. Ekiti State Government under the administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi, donated two (2) new Desktop computers to the School.

I left Emure fulfilled, the school had an active computer training room with 5 Computers, 30 students knowledgeable in basic Application Software – Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Typing and printing of Examination questions became domiciled in the school.

In 2017, many public schools remain in the typewriters age. Some of them manage to teach computer theory. This development is largely due to a lack of commitment and coordinated effort in ensuring that Public school students are grounded in Computer application upon graduation.

My Emure-Ekiti experience afforded me firsthand experience of how effective computer education can be institutionalized in Nigerian public schools. This is important in an age that the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is administered by Computer Based Test. More important is the realization that computer education in an ICT age is empowerment and must have skill.

Given the foregoing, I am putting forward this proposal to you and request your financial and moral support in making it a reality.



  • Institute practical, hands-on computer training in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools.
  • Training to include computer programming for interested students
  • Introduce Graphic Designing to Fine Arts Curricular
  • Introduce Digital Marketing to Secondary School Students.


  • Design/Prepare a training Curricula – in Progress.
  • Get selected schools to set aside a building for computer education.
  • Equip computer room with at least 20 Desktops Computer/Laptop. With support from government, philanthropist, old students’ associations, individuals and corporate bodies.
  • Trainers will largely be Corps members. They will earn allowance for their efforts and commitment. Youths within the affected communities can also volunteer to support the project.


  1. Old Students Associations
  2. Parent Teacher Associations
  3. Corporate Organisations
  4. Community Associations/Groups
  5. Philanthropists
  6. Federal/State Ministry of Education


To form alignment with identified Computer training centers within communities to train selected students at subsidized rate. Training fees to be provided by sponsors – Individuals, Corporate organisations, Community leaders etc


I call upon all Nigerians to support this project by doing any of the following:

  1. Sponsor at least one child for Computer training at a cost of NGN 10,000.
  2. Donate Desktop Computer/Laptop to this project.
  3. Use your sphere of influence to initiate this project within your community.
  4. Contribute ideas on how to actualize this plan within your immediate community.

All contributions to this project will be duly acknowledged. Regular reports will be given on the implementation and beneficiaries. Lets do this for posterity and the betterment of the Nigerian Child. Thank You.

For sponsorship/enquiries/support you can reach me via & 07052193183

A List of Kwese TV Channels – Beyond TV!

Here is a full list of Kwese Channels as at the date of publishing this post. Enjoy the Digital Life on Kwesé TV. With one decoder, you have multiple access to Live TV on the go across your devices, Mobile Phone, Laptop and Tabs. Kwesé promise is to keep you connected to the contents you love, Anytime and Anywhere!

Find a list of Channels available on Kwesé TV so far.

090 Kwesé Info 510 Toonami
100 Kwesé Prime 511 Cartoon Network
105 Kwesé Stories 512 Boomerang
115 Kwesé Movie 1 515 Pop Africa
120 Kwesé Movie 2 525 JimJam
125 Kwesé Movie 3 605 Revolt
130 AMC 615 Trace Africa
135 ViceLand Trace Mziki
140 Passion TV Trace Gospel
145 African Movie Series 630 Box Africa
150 Zee Bolly nova 705 CNN
155 Zee Bolly Movie 710 BBC World News
160 African Movie 715 Sky News
165 True African Movies 720 TVC News
170 CBS Reality 725 African News
285 Kwesé Free Sport 730 Al Jazeera
293 KFS Zimbabwe 731 Wion
300 Kwesé Sport 1 735 Bloomberg
305 Kwesé Sport 2 736 CNBC
310 ESPN 740 France 24
315 NBA TV 745 DW
330 Liverpool TV 805 Dove TV
350 ESports TV 815 Hillsong
400 Kwesé Know 820 EWTN
405 Kwesé Inc 825 Flow TV
410 Odissela 830 ITV
415 DTX Channels TV
420 Animal Planet NTA
425 Discovery Science CBeeBies
430 IDX Kwese Family
440 Travel Channel X2D
445 FLN God TV
450 Fashion One Ezekiel TV
436 Natl. Geographic Wild Africa HipTV
435 Natl. Geographic Africa DayStar TV
500 Kwesé Kids Inspire TV
 505 DreamWorks Fox Life Africa
 141 Fox Africa

Order for Kwese Decoder and Dish from Application Wheel Koncepts – 08038844269. No 58 Bode Thomas Surulere, Lagos


Are you enjoying the Kwesé Advantage yet?

Kwesé TV is a Satellite payTV owned by Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Group. Kwesé TV is redefining TV experience by connecting viewers with premium, exclusive and non-exclusive content (6 Movies Channels, 5 Music Channels, 7 Kiddies Channels, 8 Series Channels, 10 News & Business Channels, 9 Sport Channels, 9 Factual & Lifestyle) they love on the GO – Anywhere and Everywhere!

Catch the very best from across the world on Kwesé sport, from Brazilian football, the Spanish Copa Del Rey, La Liga, the UEFA Nations League,™ and the Premier League. Including exclusive free-to-air rights to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Kwesé Sports also has an impressive list of international sports leagues such as the NBA, Formula One, NFL, NHL, Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC), English Rugby and so much more. The list continues to grow!

Purchasing the Kwesé dish and decoder comes with one month FREE subscription to over 60 channels, including 10+ exclusive channels. Your subscription gives you multiple access to the full Kwesé bouquet on the go across your devices, Mobile Phone, Laptop and Tabs – THE KWESÉ ADVANTAGE!

buy Kwese TV in Lagos NigeriaThe decoder has PVR functionality which enables you to record your favorite content for later viewing. Kwesé decoder parental control features make it family friendly.

To order your Kwesé Decoder and Dish Contact Application Wheel Koncepts on 08038844269. Or Visit our Surulere office at No. 58 Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos.

• Refer 5 Buyers and get one Dish + Decoder Free, Deal worth NGN 11,000 – Offer last till July 31
• Free delivery for first 20 orders received within Surulere, Lagos

Application Wheel Koncepts is recruiting Technites

Application Wheel Koncepts, a Super Technite, Kwese dealer in Lagos Nigeria is recruiting Technites. Technites are approved installers who perform quality installations and service calls visits for Kwese customers.

Successful candidates will be provided with necessary information and trainings.

Application Requirements

  • Individuals between the ages of 18 – 40 years
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English Language
  • Ability to operate a smartphone
  • Prior experience in dish installation services is an added advantage.

Application Process



For enquiry call: 07052193183

Note: The application is free.

The Memoir of a Job Seeker – Part One

“How far BabT, are you set for the Lagos trip” queried Johnson. “Lagos…” I mused, “What is happening in Lagos?” He clarified, “You are one of those shortlisted for a job test with Ariosh”. Ariosh is a Lagos based Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) Company that has a yearly tradition of testing and interviewing the top 10 final year undergraduates from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ilorin, Nigeria; specifically from Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering Departments. It is said that one of the founders is an alumnus of University of Ilorin.

The job test notice was within a short period, the list was pasted on a Thursday and the test scheduled for Saturday. I reached out to one of my course mate who was selected for the test. “Hi Greg, don’t you think we should all set out for Lagos in the same bus?” Greg one of the analytical minds my class boasts of, responded frankly, “BabT, what if there is an accident? I weigh issues from two sides, the positive and the negative” he continued, “let us find our way to Lagos individually”. Still desiring to travel with at least one of my course mates, I approached Clement who confirmed that he sets out for his trips first thing in the morning when the road was less busy, his preference was at variance with my traveling philosophy – all that matters when I travel is safe arrival, the time of arrival is of less importance.

Later that evening, I bought a “my clear bag”, prepared and printed my CV and packed my bag. I looked forward to the Lagos trip and hoped that my Industrial Training experience with International Energy Services Ltd (IESL) will give me an edge. My Industrial Training experience got me hungry for the corporate world. I was counting days to become a graduate. The Ariosh prospect was a welcomed development. Here is what my Industrial Training looked like.


On my first day at IESL branch office at Plot 1661 Oyin Jolayemi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, I was dressed in a white T-shirt and blue baggy jean. While waiting at the reception to complete the required formalities, I watched smartly dressed men and women use the exit. My T-shirt, Afro hair and Baggy jean which were ‘acceptable’ norm within the campus stood me out. This development saw me overhaul my wardrobe.

IESL offered me a firsthand work experience. The resumption time was 7am; all employees are expected to be punctual irrespective of their residential location. I lived in Lekki, getting to work early was not a challenge, motorcycles (Okada) were not out of bound at the time.

Before reporting to the Mechanical Department of IESL, I was selected to attend a 2 weeks training on Caesar II Software for pipe stress analysis. The training held at IESL Headquarters at No. 94 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. During the training, I had free breakfast and lunch and was paid training allowance. It came to me as a big deal, being fed and paid to attend training. If this is what being an employee is about, what was I still doing as an undergraduate?

Upon completion of the training, I was assigned a workstation and got on well with the mechanical department team. Being a multidisciplinary engineering company, I had a good experience of the interrelationship between the engineering disciplines – Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Instrumentation. I learnt to use AutoCAD Software for drafting, how to calculate duct sizes for HVAC installations on a rig and how to interpret engineering drawings.

On a personal note, I began learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), it signaled the beginning to my web development background, The Mechanical engineering lead ones mistook me for a ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ protégé given the time I spent on the computer and the undivided attention I committed to it.

I learnt that the company was owned by Dr. Fawibe, an economist who favoured training his staff not minding the possibility of them leaving the company for another one offering higher pay. Read more about my Industrial Training experience on my eduportal –


My second Industrial training experience was with Tower Aluminium, a foremost aluminium products company in Nigeria and West Africa. A family friend introduced me to his friend who gave me a note to the Human Resource Manager. On my visit to the Human Resource Manager, she handed me a plain A4 paper and requested me to write an application letter. I completed the application in no time, her face lightened as she read the application. I could sense she was impressed. Looking away from the application she said, “Are you aware we do not pay allowance to Industrial trainee students?” I hid my disappointment behind a faint smile and replied, “Yes ma”. She continued “You can resume at our Oregun factory next week”.

On my first day at Tower Aluminium Oregun factory, I reported to the Human Resource Manager who introduced me to the Head of Operations. My experience at Tower Aluminium was a contrast to IESL. The factory is a large building with about 5 offices – the head of operations, Human resource Manager, the medical officer, the Quality Control office and Store. The main building was an open space with machines, production lines and factory workers stationed at various points along the production line. There is a mechanical workshop where worn out equipment parts are machined and repaired.

I walked round the factory with my Samsung Camera phone recording and observing the pot and Kettle manufacturing processes. The factory workers were diligent in their work and spoke in hush tone. They mistook my identity as an inspector who was taking note of their performance. It was a huge relief when they found out that I was an Industrial Trainee.

The Mechanical Workshop was integral to the production process, fabrication of machine parts were carried out at the workshop. The head of the Workshop never liked me; a development attributable to the Human Resource Manager oversight of not introducing me to the Mechanical Workshop team. He took the omission as a slight to his office and made me suffer for an offence I did not commit. This cost me valuable experience. He related with me like a foreigner, my attempts to win him over were futile.

His Assistant, Baba Ibeji (Father of Twins) as he was popularly called, liked me. He lectured me on workshop practices and introduced the workshop tools, their names, sizes and functions. He taught me how to use a pipe wrench for threading. During a practical session, I broke a pipe wrench; the incidence marked an end to my practicals at the Mechanical Workshop.

I met and became friends with Abiodun, a fair complexioned, slim and hardworking factory worker, our discussion revealed that he was studying Economics at the University of Lagos and used the monies gotten from the factory to sponsor his education. He worked on the punching machine, used to punch holes on pots at the point where the handles are riveted.

One word that stood out at the factory was SAFETY. I recall reading a notice on the factory wall that outlined compensation for operators who lose their fingers to the Press Machine. Throughout my Industrial Training period, I observed the Press Machine from a distance. No amount was worth my body part. I heard accounts of operators who lost their thumbs to absent-mindedness while operating the press machine.

Having had two contrasting work experience with International Energy Services Ltd and Tower Aluminium, I was eager to join the world of work, my dream was to work with an Engineering firm like International Energy Services Ltd.


I left Ilorin for Lagos around 1pm; coincidentally I traveled in the same bus with Greg. He had an Engineering Math text as companion. He tried to get me to join him in studying, “BabT, what is the velocity of…” I declined with tact, “Abeg leave me joor. I am not in the mood to task my brain for the velocity a plane traveled. Why should an oil serving firm ask such question?” He continued with his studies.

I was ‘entertained’ during the journey by supposedly love birds whose relationship went sour during the trip. At a point, the guy forcefully seized the girl’s phone and flung it out of the Bus. Both of them tore at each other, the driver had to pull over to calm their nerves.

I arrived Ojota, Lagos by 6pm and made for Bode Thomas where I passed the Night….

To be continued in March 2017

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